Where is Telomir Pharmaceuticals, Inc. corporate headquarters?

Our corporate headquarters is located at 855 N Wolfe Street, Suite 601, Baltimore, Maryland 21205.

What does Telomir Pharmaceuticals, Inc. do?

Telomir is a pre-clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of TELOMIR-1, a novel small molecule being developed to function as an oral in situ therapeutic treatment for human stem cells. Our goal is to develop and commercialize new treatment options for age-related inflammatory conditions, with hemochromatosis as its initial clinical focus, and to thereafter expand the development of TELOMIR-1 to post-chemotherapy recovery as well as a broader range of other age-related inflammatory diseases and conditions such as osteoarthritis.

When was Telomir Pharmaceuticals, Inc. founded?

The Company was founded in August 2021.

On which exchange is Telomir Pharmaceuticals, Inc. listed, what is the ticker symbol and when did it go public?

The Company is listed on Nasdaq and trade under the symbol “TELO.”  Telomir went public on February 9, 2024.

Where is Telomir Pharmaceuticals, Inc. located?

Telomir Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
855 Wolfe St.
Ste 601.1
Baltimore, MD 21205
United States
T: 813-369-5150

When is Telomir Pharmaceuticals, Inc. fiscal year end?

Our fiscal year end is December 31.

Who is Telomir Pharmaceuticals, Inc. transfer agent?

  • Our transfer agent is Equiniti.  They can be reached at 800-401-1957 from the US or 800-468-9716 from Canada or the US Virgin Islands.  All callers from all other countries can find the appropriate number for their country in the International Access Codes page.

Who is Telomir Pharmaceuticals, Inc. outside legal counsel?

Our outside legal is Foley & Lardner LLP.

Who is Telomir Pharmaceuticals, Inc. independent auditor?

Our independent auditor is Cherry Bekaert LLP.

Where can I find copies of Telomir Pharmaceuticals, Inc. financial documents, including annual reports (Form-10K) and quarterly reports (Form 10-Q)?

You can find our SEC documents including our financial reports at investor.telomirpharma.com or on

Whom should I contact regarding investor inquiries?

You many send your inquiries to ir@telomirpharma.com or telomir@kcsa.com